The BIOXPARC project, respecting its role as an open platform and facilitator of biotech research, makes available to third parties all the activities and initiatives to guarantee the legitimate rights of every stakeholder.

Universities and R&D institutions need to define intellectual property broadly, and their policies need to be comprehensive in their coverage and holistic in their approach.

However, depending on the direction of R&D activities, each institution decides on the type of intellectual property to be included in it’s intellectual property policy.

To improve the protection and certification of the origin of the data coming from the Research Protocols in progress (and therefore not yet patented), the BIOXPARC development team has developed an innovative registration system (International Registry of Biotech Protocols – IRBP), using the modern block chain certification technologies, which allows to all the researchers and accredited research centers to protect the data of the individual protocols. The International Registry of Biotech Research Protocols is hosted at the BIOXPARC Marrakech – Data Bank Building.

Registration is free for all BIOXPARC accredited partners and is easily manageable with direct access with each user’s password: the Registry will allow for the first time to protect all researchers who have also contributed marginally to the individual protocol, making it easier to assess the real contribution of each.

The recorded data have legal value accepted by all the Patent Offices, and can then be used for filing patents in the patent register all over the world: for this purpose the register will be accessible from all patent offices to carry out research on applications for patents filed.