Research biotechnologies and development institutions

This category refers to establishments whose main activities are related to R & D (basic or applied or development-related research). This category includes government, paragovernmental or private research centers, research consortiums, R&D laboratories, university research and technology transfer teams and prototype development centers.


High-tech products and services companies

These are companies that produce products or offer services, and whose operations require a significant proportion of R&D activities. The high-tech character must reside in the product or service itself, and not only for example in the manufacturing processes used.


Financial institutions

The installation in the BIOXPARC of major financial institutions, specializing in the biotechnology sector (investment private banks, foundations, investment funds) offers adequate financial resources for the development of patents, biotechnological research that attracts huge economic interests from all over the world.


The local service firms

In outreach services are included any organization deemed useful and necessary to meet the operational needs of a site, organizations established there and individuals who work there. These services are not associated as such with the high-tech sector and therefore their activities do not include R&D. This category includes bank, postal office, taxi & rental service, restaurants, bookstores, daycares, fitness centers, documentation and conference centers.


Technical support firms

This category includes firms related to the high technology sector by the company of technical support that they offer to organizations in this sector. The operations of these firms, however, do not require R&D activities. Included in this category are organizations and associations offering services related to technology, industrial design firms, firms specializing in patents and technology transfers, consulting services oriented in technical fields, and analysis laboratories control.