There are 2  types of Laboratories:


  1. Laboratory equipped with the latest technology, made available for rent of public and private companies (also not in the network BIOXPARC)
  2. Private Laboratories for the exclusive use of public and private companies installed in BIOXPARC.


Laboratories are designated according to their design features, construction and containment facilities as basic, and are built according to the most strict international standards, regardless of the location. The Guidelines of BIOXPARC Laboratories concerns the implementation and strengthening of measures and procedures to: minimize the risk of worker exposure to pathogens and infections; protect the environment and the community; and protect, control and account for valuable biological materials (VBM) within laboratories, in order to prevent their unauthorized access, loss, theft, misuse, diversion or intentional release. Such measures reinforce good research practices and are aimed at ensuring a safe and secure laboratory environment, thereby reducing any potential risks of accidents or deliberate misuse.


The laboratories represent a utility for private companies and research centers with high added value: the high level of installed technologies and the training of staff can be easily rented for even limited periods, according to needs, allowing the reduction of costs and investments.

In addition, the data management and protection system guaranteed by the BIOXPARC security protocol protects all users and offers new opportunities.