Become a BIOXPARC Promoter now! The Promoters introduce the public to the activities and products of BIOXPARC. In particular the main activity of the Promoters is to let people know about the products on sale on BIOXMARKET ( These products are sold by companies that are part of the BIOXPARC network, which use the online platform to market their products. Promoters earn a royalty on all products sold and on all users invited to register on the BIOXMARKET platform. 

Furthermore the Promoter will be rewarded for the activity of promotion of the activities of the members of the BIOXPARC network

Everyone can become a Promoter right away: simply register on the BIOXMARKET website and access the Promoter dashboard via the My Account page. From this dashboard it is possible to do all the activities of the Promoter: to invite people, to make the products on sale known and also to make BIOXPARC known to those who want to be part of the network for free.