BIOXPARC Scientific Committee is the decision-making body for the scientific supervision of the BIOXPARC platform. It is responsible, under the Statute, for the advancement of BIOXPARC scientific objects and has all the powers necessary for it to discharge those responsibilities.

The main task of BIOXPARC Scientific Committee is to give advices for the scientific researches, to provide guidance and general principles on which to base BIOXPARC scientific activities.

The principal business of BIOXPARC Scientific Committee is to evaluate the research projects submitted by BIOXPARC Members and, in the event that these projects are suited to the scientific quality standard of BIOXPARC, to leave feedback of scientific approval.

The Scientific Committee comprises a total of 125 members. Each area of biotechnology research is represented (Agriculture and forestry, biotechnology, Food Sciences, Health and Pharmaceutical) and elects, in the General Assembly, 25 members of the Committee. The remaining 25 members are appointed directly by the Steering Board. The Committee is headed by a President and a Vice-president

– The Scientific Committee is composed of independent scientists from the research institute BIOXPARC’s partner.

– The President and Vice-President of the committee are elected from amongst its members.

– Scientific Committee members are required to sign a declaration of commitment at the start of their term as SC members, valid for their full term in the Committee.