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1.When I’m at a party… *
2.When I’m running any type of meeting *
3.When I get stuck in traffic… *
4.I believe that clothes… *
5.If what I say is challenged by others… *
6.When I am assigned a project to do *
7.In making decisions, other people accuse me of being too… *
8.When I work with others on a project *
9.I know I‘ve done a good job when… *
10.When I talk, others tell me that *
11.In giving others formation… *
12.My friends would describe me as… *
13.To motivate me, others need to … *
14.If there is one area in which I need improvement. Its… *
15.I get others to agree with me by… *
16.I prefer to spend my leisure time *
17.I get my best results when… *
18.I can’t stand it when someone *