BIOXACADEMY is BIOXPARC’s platform for university and professional training in the field of biotechnology. 


The services offered by BIOXACADEMY are:

-reservation of spaces for universities on the university campus in Marrakech

-online sale of courses held by accredited professors

-creation of courses in virtual reality

BIOXACADEMY – Job opportunities for professors

The best Universities in the world use the BIOXACADEMY platform to improve the teaching of their students: to standard classroom courses are applied the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies, allowing the increase of performance in teaching, increase the number of students who can access the lessons facilitating access even from a distance, and greatly reducing management costs.

The BIOXACADEMY platform is available free of charge to all accredited universities and teaching professors: they can publish videos of their courses in streaming or recorded didactic material in Augmented Reality, official handouts and tests for exam preparation.

Access can be limited to students enrolled in courses or open: through the dedicate Forum students can be in contact with teachers.

In relation to specific programs of academic courses, in addition to the official teaching material, other professors accredited on the BIOXACADEMY platform can propose lecture notes and offer didactic support: the support of an international network of professors, together with virtual technologies, increase the attractiveness of the courses in the classroom, allowing the sale of distance courses without linguistic and cultural barriers

BIOXACADEMY – Campus opportunities

BIOXACADEMY provide universal access to the best formation, partnering with top universities and organizations in biotech sector.

As a student admitted to a BIOXCOURSE’s program, you have access to BIOXACADEMY resources, academic opportunities, and economics support.

Faculty aide program

To the best student BIOXACADEMY who request it, faculty aide jobs are offered, limited to places available: as a faculty aide, you’ll provide research assistance. You’ll develop academic research skills while connecting with a scholar in your field of interest.

Tuition vouchers

Many Foundations BIOXACADEMY partner offer scholarships and financial support to students. Minimum requirements of selection apply for candidates.

Foundation Scholarships

In addition, many Foundations BIOXACADEMY partner offer scholarships and financial support to students.

BIOXPARC Apartments Campus – Property Management

The BIOXPARC Marrakech project foresees the construction of 2 large university centers, each on a compressive area of about 62,560 m², able to accommodate a total of 30,000 students and about 1,500 teachers. In each campus, 2 types of apartments are available, with the same area of 45 m2, the same cost and guaranteed profitability:

Apartment “student”: open space, apartment designed to comfortably accommodate 2 students, who have their own study and sleeping area, a walk-in, in addition to the living room and the common kitchen.

Apartment “studio”: the apartment consists of a large living room with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Designed to comfortably accommodate teaching staff and employees of companies and universities based in BIOXPARC (

For international Real Estate investors, campus apartments are an excellent investment opportunity; annual profitability is guaranteed (8,75%) by a rental management contract.

BIOXACADEMY – University Abroad

A growing number of students are choosing to study abroad, benefiting from a high-quality education while immersing themselves in a new culture (and often a new language), as well as gaining a global mindset and expanding their future employment prospects. If you’re thinking of studying abroad, you may not know where to start, or how to apply to universities in different countries.

The application process will vary depending on the country, and finding out what steps to follow isn’t always straightforward. But don’t worry! BIOXACADEMY will cover all the information you need to apply to university abroad – including admission tests, interviews and visa requirements. Before you know it, you’ll be all set to jet off to your study destination of choice.