The BIOXPARC vision is to create the largest network of relationships between the biotech stakeholders. 

The BIOXPARC project has the ambition to offer a new model of technological Park, a new vision, more open to accept positively the scientific and technological advances in the life sciences in general

The BIOXPARC is the ideal partner of all actors in the world of biotechnology’s research: an exclusive hub between private companies, public institutions, private foundations and institutional investors.

We aim to become the largest scientific network specialized in biotechnology: the platform is designed to bring together all the players in the sector, offering everyone appreciable benefits.

The reduction of costs obtained with the optimization of resources allows access also to small companies, thus opening up new competition scenarios in an increasingly competitive global market. On the other hand, even the large multinational groups are carefully watching the BIOXPARC project, because it offers them the possibility to increase their activities with minimum investments.

The BIOXPARC is an international hub 5.0 for bio tech companies wishing to do business in all Africa: the prime vocation of a BIOXPARC project is to offer an innovative open platform for applied research and funding establishments, high-performance without national frontiers. We provide companies with an efficient and inter-connected platform, ensuring that business and financial market activities work properly and grow smoothly.

The project consists of a network of technology parks installed all over the world, which through innovative resource sharing technologies, creates a highly competitive and highly performing environment.

A BIOXPARC project basically seeks to bring a major innovation in the research environment that must be transformed into an economic value.

The BIOXPARC covers a complex ecosystem bringing on board public and private agencies with economic logics that are often different.

It’s important to specify at the beginning of the project the business model, sharing the same value with other parties. This will put the company in a good position in order to achieve their goals.

This decision will then determine the choices regarding the funding of the project, the management strategy related to the project charges, and last but not least, the conversion of the created value into income to ensure the sustainability of BIOXPARC operation.

In other words, it’s about clearly defining the following aspects:

  • the Value created by the project: the BIOXPARC helps to meet the expressed needs or bring innovations to inhance the international research environment. In any case, it’s about generating value for the members;

  • Sources of funding for the project: these include donors, the private sector, the Government or the fruit of PPP;

  • the project’s implementation budget: this must be the subject of an appropriate assessment, which will help to avoid any lack of resources for a good start of the project and the activity.

  • Prices applied to benefit from the services: These shall be set in a way to cover all operation charges and, guarantee the system upgrade.