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The Administration Department operates as an autonomous organisation of the BIOXPARC. It must therefore have its own administrative and technical support functions for human resources, budgetary and strategic planning, legal affairs, calls for tenders, accountancy, infrastructure and security.

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The Head Quarter Department is highly receptive to the issues and questions raised by the scientific community and by actors in the economic system at national and international level. 

The Marketing Department promotes and establishes a business in its niche, based on the products or services the business is offering. It identifies the areas in which the product fits and where the business should focus its marketing strategy.

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The Communication Department must work closely with other departments to ensure it understands the dynamics of the organization and the information it needs to communicate. The communication department plays a crucial role in BIOXPARC success.

Like almost all large organizations, the BIOXPARC has a Public Relations Department. Public relations is seen as a vital part of maintaining the BIOXPARC’s image and of communicating its message to its customers, investors and the general public.

The Human Resources Department develops, coordinates and implements HR policies and provides advice and guidelines to the Centre’s management on matters of HR management. HR provides administrative support and guidance to staff members.

The department takes care of the daily operation of all local and the bioxparcstructuresThe continuous support and optimal safety and cleanliness of the laboratories and all other environments within bioxparc structures are the backbone of a good biotechnology research.

The goals of Technology Department is to develop applied engineering and technical management skills in the filed of research laboratory. This is accomplished with a mix of fundamental applied knowledge engineering, understanding of the applications and the tools needed in today’s research, and an understanding of basic and advanced theory.