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BIOXPARC is an international network of technology parks and an innovative digital platform open to all the stakeholders in biotechnology sector (agriculture, food, biotech, health) for safe and secure resources sharing.


Create your “sharing rooms” to organize international research teams “no limits” 

Register and protect your intellectual capital with legal blockchain deposits

Capitalize your ideas in financial assets immediately negotiable on international market


BIOXPARC is a free access digital platform supporting the search in biotech and life sciences with the aim of improving health–both globally and personally.

BIOXPARC facilitates the activity of researchers through the first platform for sharing knowledge, with protection of intellectual property, among all the key stakeholders of world biotech research

Follow 5 easy steps to plan and fund your research protocol !

Each researcher can legally deposit the research ideas and exclusive knowledge that he wants to protect and enhance in his own intellectual capital.

Sharing the research idea through the publication of articles in scientific journals, participation in forums and academic events is important to contact the best resources indispensable for the protocol

Drafting of the research protocol with research staff, related costs and need for external resources:

knowing clearly what to look for is the first step in finding the best human, technological and financial resources

Your research protocol as a deposited intellectual capital can be certified as an intangible asset: request an appraisal of the book value according to international accounting standards

Foundations, investment funds and public and private entities are interested in financing certified research protocols, which guarantee transparency in management and implementation methods.

In addition, BIOXPARC platform allows easy access to innovative funding sources such as crowdfunding and the tokenization of intangible assets.

The technology park is equipped with the best technologies.

Convention Center, Hotel, University Building Center, Campus & Shopping Center, Clinics, Laboratories, Business Center, Expo Center





BIOXMARKET is a leading global platform for professional stakeholders in the biotech sector. By joining the network, you will have the opportunity to: sell products and services to network members, certify your sales network and generate intangible assets



Study biotechnology from the best universities in the world

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We accompany all our customers through a qualified team of Account Managers who are in charge of helping BIOXPARC members to take advantage of all the services offered


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