Join the worldwide biotechnology network to enhance your intangible assets

BIOXPARC is the specialized platform in the biotechnology sector that measures, certifies and enhances the intangible assets generated by the activities of the members.

Choose according to your business:


It’s a full service business center of BIOXPARC Network. An excellent corporate location for your business in biotech sector

It is a leading global platform for professional stakeholders in the biotech sector.  It helps members maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of international marketing teams

Is the platform of BIOXPARC for education,: open access for educators, organizations, academic and government institutions, Biotech Corporation.

Is a 4.0 industrial zone implemented with technologies that connect to a system that gives a macro vision on the entire production system.

It is a modern industrial park dedicated to Biotechnology. This park is dedicated to logistics, and tertiary activities in the field of agriculture.

Advancing sustainable investment practices in the biotech marketplace Institutional investors, banks, and other private sector financial institutions.

Is a platform to corporate events inside the Bioxparc. It involves a physical entity equipped with the latest Augmented Reality Virtual and technologies .

Is a platform dedicated to national and international press wich benefits from our free media space. For helping our network members communicate with the network and the outside world.

For companies specializes in patent strategy. A well-written patent serves as the basis for the company’s research and development, and is often a prerequisite for the interest of investors and thus a successful business.


The BIOXPARC is an international hub 5.0 for bio-tech companies wishing to do business in all the world:  the prime vocation of a BIOXPARC project is to offer an innovative open platform for research applied and funding facilitation, high-performance without national frontiers. Will provide companies with an efficient and inter-connected platform, ensuring that business and financial market activities function properly and develop smoothly.

Meet Our Customer Team

We accompany all our customers through a qualified team of Account Managers who are in charge of helping BIOXPARC members to take advantage of all the services offered


The Department operates as an autonomous organisation of the BIOXPARC.

This Department is highly receptive to the issues and raised by the scientific community. 

The Marketing Department promotes and establishes a business in its niche, 

The Communication Department must work closely with other departments 

Like almost all large organizations, the BIOXPARC has a Public Relations Department.

The Human Resources Department develops, coordinates and implements HR policies

The department takes care of the daily operation of all local and structures.

Support biotech’s research and draw on the latest technology to develop smart strategies.

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