“Severe Acute Respiratory Infections Centre”

In response to the current COVID 19 pandemic, the international project team of BIOXPARC has designed a model of hospital focused on the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, with particular reference to the Cov2 Sars virus: BIOXPARC SARI Hospital – Severe Acute Respiratory Infection represents an excellent specialized Centre in compliance with international standards (biosafety 3-4).

Project team has used high prefabrication technologies (100% Made in Italy), with international certified materials in order to facilitate transport and assembly everywhere, quickly and at low costs. CESCO INVEST SA, already engaged in the construction of the BIOXPARC in Marrakech, has mobilized a part of private equity to support the installation of a large network of BIOXPARC SARI HOSPITAL in different countries: to facilitate CESCO INVEST offers various financial formulas, from sale to lease, and also available to PPP agreements with public institutions.

In addition BIOXPARC SARI Hospital is an excellence center of telemedicine, equipped with a “virtual care control room” capable of managing and coordinating the activities of the entire network of connected care centers, which guarantees the processing in real time of the pandemic input data of the infections, hospitalizations, deaths, healings, quarantines, human resources management and medical devices.

Download SARI Hospital Presentation below