Mission of BIOXFINANCE Center

Advancing sustainable investment practices in the biotech marketplace 

Institutional investors, banks, and other private sector financial institutions oversee trillions of dollars of investible capital. How they choose to deploy these resources have a large impact on which companies, technologies, and projects succeed and flourish. In a world where the dynamic challenges of climate change, population growth, resource scarcity, and inequality are testing the earth’s limits and our standards for human well-being, it is crucial that these financial actors allocate their capital in a way that accounts for environmental and social risks and supports sustainable solutions.

Fund research in the biotechnology sector is the only opportunity to guarantee both the future of humanity and the interests of investors: the best tool for sharing wellness without limits

BIOXFINANCE Center works to facilitate this transition towards sustainable private sector investment by focusing on: Sustainable investing and Innovative financial instruments

To avert the worst impacts of climate change, the world needs to invest trillions of dollars in green infrastructure between now and 2030, and the private sector will be responsible for majority share of this capital. The targeted use of innovative financial instruments by both public and private sector actors can help attract private sector participation and unlock investment by distributing risk to those best able to bear it. These include solutions that deploy bonds, equity, guarantees, MTN, and insurance.

The BIOXFINANCE Center’s research and analysis, convening, and outreach related to financial instruments explores innovative approaches to reduce and transfer risk, redirect investments, and maximize public and private benefits.