The BIOXMARKET is the platform that allows BIOXPARC’s partner companies to display their products and market them internationally. The BIOXMARKET is structured in such a way as to guarantee each company, small or large, the same possibilities for growth and development. 

The services offered by BIOXMARKET are:

-online sale of companies’ products through the e-commerce platform

-promotion of the company and its products through the permanent exhibition platform (both physical and virtual)

-reservation of the spaces in the shopping center inside the BIOXPARC for the sale of its products

-creation of its own area in virtual reality aimed at promoting and selling products

-logistics management 


BIOXMARKET integrates virtual reality into the exhibition spaces of the Exhibition Center. Virtual reality provides companies with several advantages: firstly, the company can have a larger exhibition space, secondly, virtual reality allows greater interaction with its customers and visitors. This solution allows any company to display an unlimited number of products on its stand and allows visitors to immerse themselves in its business reality (for example by visiting the offices of your company in virtual reality).