BIOXPATENT is a platform dedicated to facilitate research and development which aims to provide a  virtual space for the deposit of research protocols to protect intellectual property.

Members who want to start a scientific research and who need grants can integrate the ORPIP (office research partnership intellectual property) to find partners for their projects.

The mission of Office of Research Partnership and Intellectual Property is the primary contact for companies that would like to develop a research project in partnership with the BIOXPARC, and/or establish a technology transfer.

Developing research partnerships

-Organizes targeted meetings between laboratories and companies

-Helps put together and negotiate bilateral or consortium contracts

-Help create and supervise shared research teams.

Managing and evaluating the intellectual property portfolio

-Receives and processes invention disclosure statements from laboratory researchers

-Follows the procedures and scope of rights granted and weighs the expansion opportunities

-Manages the reservation clauses and option or exploitation contract, particularly licenses.

Promoting technologies that can be transferred to companies

-Creates a technology offer

– Helps maturation projects to find financing

– Attends technology conventions

The platform offers an application called 2RP ( Register of research protocols)  to save the members’ researches in real time.

An international library of biotechnologies will be available as well.

Bioxpatent is engaged to implement an OMPIC office inside the Bioxparc to ease the process of depositing patents, brands, and research protocols in a highly secure and confidential manner.