International Financial Indicators

International Financial Indicators

International Financial Indicators (FI)

To start with, a set of definitions on intangible resources and intangible activities is provided; it is integrated with a classification used for the proposed intangible management system, in compliance of International Financial Indicators (FI):

  1. Leases, distribution agreements, employment contracts, covenants, financing arrangements, supply contracts, licences, certifications, franchises.
  2. Relationships. Trained and assembled workforce, customer and distribution relationships.
  3. Intellectual property. Patents; copyrights; trademarks; proprietary technology (for example, formulas, recipes, specifications, formulations, training programmes, marketing strategies, customer lists, demographic studies, product test results); business knowledge — such as suppliers’ lead times, cost and pricing data, trade secrets and knowhow.

Actually the current international accounting standards do not allow certifying most of the intangible assets, even if their value (market valuation in the sale and acquisition phase) is always higher and interesting for financial investors.

With the use of the BIOXPARC platform, Members can easily certify their internal and external activities that create intangible assets.