Criptoasset NFT BIOXPARC 2023

What is an NFT BIOXPARC?
NFT stands for non-fungible token. For a token to be non-fungible, it must be unique and unable to be exchanged for a similar item.

The NFT BIOXPARC is not a physical item – it exists only on the internet, as a piece of code stored on the Blockchain. Essentially, the NFT BIOXPARC is a digital certificate of authenticity, generated by software programming language that represents the purchase of an asset, that is traceable on the blockchain it operates on and publish on OPENSEA.IO marketplace.

Every NFT BIOXPARC determine rights, benefits, and limits as Terms of service of the marketplace where purchase the NFT, the smart contract and the underlying copyright or trademark for the NFT and its owner.

Terms of Service

When buyer purchase NFT BIOXPARC from marketplace, is subject to its terms and conditions. Today, is the most popular marketplace to buy an NFT. OpenSea’s terms and conditions states that it takes no responsibility for, and is not a party to, any transaction on its platform. Instead, emphasizes that it is the consumer’s responsibility to review the terms and conditions between the buyer and seller/creator.


Smart Contracts

Smart contracts operate on a blockchain and allow parties to leverage software programming language and computer software to enter into and manage contractual obligations. These differ from written contracts because when a triggering condition occurs, computer software enforces contractual obligations in that smart contract. NFT BIOXPARC project operate using smart contracts to transfer tokenization value related to intangible assets of certified by APS platform ( on BIOXPARC Grants project.


Copyrights and Trademarks

In terms of service, CESCO INVEST SA did not transfer any copyrights, and allow the authorized use of its registered marks “BIOXPARC” outside of MONKEYPASS.NET project.