Like almost all large organizations, the BIOXPARC has a Public Relations Department. Public relations is seen as a vital part of maintaining the BIOXPARC’s image and of communicating its message to its customers, investors and the general public.

The various stages of the public relations process involve combinations of a variety of activities.

  • Advertising. Preparation, purchase and placement of purposefully planned and executed messages in selected media to further the interest of an organization or person. Persuasive material that is presented to the public as the acknowledged appeal of an identified party who has paid to have it appear.
  • Corporate Sponsorship. Providing support to an event or a cause by devoting corporate resources in exchange for an opportunity to enhance good will, product image and sales.
  • External Communications. Controlled and uncontrolled messages disseminated in the mass media as well as other communications media, including pamphlets, brochures, non-broadcast videos, speeches, etc.
  • Promotion. Using techniques such as events, promos, ads and stunts to create and stimulate interest in a person, product, organization or cause.
  • Publicity. General: Information about an organization, person, issue or cause published or broadcast in the news media because of its value or relevance/importance to the community or the media outlet’s audiences. Public Relations: Dissemination of purposefully planned and executed messages to selected media to further the interest of an organization or person without specific payment to media.
  • Special Event Management. The use of a project, program, action or happening, generally involving public participation, to meet overall organizational goals. Special events often are designed to obtain publicity or other exposure.