Support biotech’s research and draw on the latest technology to develop smart strategies.

BIOXPARC is an example of a 5.0 platform,”a new model” of Smart Technological Park

In the biotechnology sector, BIOXPARC is the first Platform to integrate the tools proposed by latest technologies (IoTRobotsArtificial IntelligenceAugmented RealityComplex Adaptive Systems) with human skills (experts in Legal & PatentFinance & InvestmentSupply Chain ManagementMarketing & CommunicationRecruitment & Training, Commercial) for the return of man to the “Center of the Universe”

The evolution of the “BIOXPARC 5.0 concept”

“The interdisciplinary approach must be based on both humanities and social sciences, as well as only on control theory, computer science and some other disciplines related to the category of exact sciences. Such a multidisciplinary nature is due to the fact that man is considered, on the one hand, as a subject armed with methods and means allowing him to look for situations and to decide how to deal with them, and on the other hand as an object of education, training, worldview and ability to communicate with others, etc.”

 The “BIOXPARC 5.0 concept” can be summarized as “the organization of management processes in a fast-growing environment, of which each member is interested in increasing the cultural heritage it produces, which implies an increase in the cultural potential of society as is. As a whole and, therefore, an increase in the proportion of operational management decisions”